Sundays with Dan Orth of Lounge Renown Records

Creating the Lounge Renown Records Concept and environment with Mr. Dan Orth

Lounge Renown Records emerged as a vital force in the music business because of the urgent need to sign outstanding recording artists/performers and sensational songwriters and music producers. Northern California's fabulous HipHop/R&B/Funk/Rock band Patton Leatha is the first band  signed to the label.Patton Leatha has its mind-boggling 19-Tracks Treasure album produced by our award winning music producer Jaee Logan.Aside from being a music producer Jaee is also an extremely gifted keyboardist, guitarist,singer,songwriter,recording artist,and performer.

CEO/Founder Dan Orth of Lounge Renown Records has been seriously involved in the music business since 1978.Dan is a home musician,song- writer,executive producer,and rock and pop-music historian. Throughout his lifetime Dan has amazed and entertained his family,friends,and acquaintances with his encyclopedic knowledge of hit songs,great singers, great musicians,and great bands in the mainstream genres of rock and pop music from the 1950's to the present.Dan's friendship with his music business partner Jaee Logan is very,very special.Their meeting and then working together was not just a meeting of the minds but also a bonding of two sleeping giants in the music business.

Dan and Jaee have merely scratched the surface with their production of Patton Leatha's sparkling Treasure album.Dan established his first independent record label in 1978/1979 with Hard-Boiled Records. Phil Phillips,who years later changed his stage name to Phil Frazier, was the singer/songwriter/recording artist/performer signed to the label.Rock guitar ace Joe Satriani played guitar on a 5 original songs recording project with the Phil Phillips band in June of 1978.Two vinyl 45 RPM singles (Side A/Side B) were released on Hard-Boiled Records.It is interesting to note that Hard-Boiled Records was the first-ever appearance for Joe Satriani on a legitimate,legal record label.

Jaee Logan has had a thrilling,very exciting career in the music business since the early 1980's.Jaee has co-written,written,recorded with,and  produced songs for Timex Social Club,Club Nouveau,Sheila E,Pebbles, Bobby Brown,MC Hammer,Rosie Gaines,United Kingdom hitmaker Glen Goldsmith,En Vogue,and others.Jaee has also served as music  director,vocal coach,and performing musician for some of these artists and countless others.Jaee's list of friendships with other elite and  famous musicians is staggering.Music fans,young and old,from around the world would be very excited,very happy,and very entertained if they ever had a chance to sit down and talk about the music business with Dan and Jaee.